Cummins DG Set
jakson HR DG Set
Jakson Silent Diesel Generator set
Cummins DG Set
Cummins Diesel Genrator set
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Smart Power Sytsem & Services

SPSS, Govt. & Institutional Sales partner for Cummins by Jakson brand of Diesel Generator sets on Retail / Commerial sales as well as on DGS&D Rate contract including Delivery & Installation all over India.

Cummins / Jakson Diesel Generator Sets

  • Cummins Diesel Generators Manufactured by Jakson Limited. Jakson DG Set available range from 10VA - 500KVA and above.
  • After Sales Service provided through Cummins Service centre acros India.
  •  DG sets on DGS&D Rate Contract RC DGS&D Rate Contract- for Jakson/Cummins DG sets range from 10kva - 400KVA Diesel Generator sets can be downloaded (if available/Valid) from here.Click here or on the picture/Logo to visit that web site page.